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Set It Off Midnight Table Book
It’s been a super-crazy year, and an awful lot of things have changed, most notably in terms of our ability to come and see you face to face. You’ve all been such an important part of this band, particularly on this incredible cycle for ‘Midnight’, and not being able to see you all in the flesh - to sing and dance and smile together - has been beyond difficult.

But although we haven’t been able to see you up close, we’ve spent the last few months trying to find a way in which we can connect with you physically, in a way that goes beyond live streams, face times and hangouts. A way in which we can almost reach out and touch each other, no matter where in the world you or we happen to be.

So we did something we’ve never done before. We wrote a book.

It’s called ‘Midnight’: The Official Publication, and it’s yours. This album cycle has been so incredible and has involved so many of you, from every corner of the world, that we couldn’t think of a better way to bring us all back together. We put a lot of ourselves and the past two years of this band into it, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the end result. We hope it means as much to you guys as it does to us.

Here’s what’s inside:

- The full, definitive story of ‘Midnight’, from day one right up to the present day, told through more than 20,000 of our own words.

- Dozens of exclusive, never-before-seen photos from across the ‘Midnight’ album cycle.

- Top secret and super-exclusive handwritten letters from all three of us.

- A full track-by-track breakdown of every song on both ‘Midnight’ and ‘After Midnight’, filled with facts, secrets and the inspirations behind each and every song.

- A detailed guide to each and every music video from ‘Midnight’, including some exclusive behind the scenes photos and previously untold stories.

PLUS: The exclusive first details of where we’re at in relation to album number five, and what the future holds for 2021 and beyond.

At a full 100 pages and made from premium quality satin paper, featuring a gorgeous deluxe matte laminated cover, we are so excited for you all to see it, to hold it in your hands, and to keep it on your bookshelves forever.

The publication is available to order worldwide, exclusively from our official merch store and for a limited time only. We’ve also thrown in some super-limited bonus items and collectables, so make sure you head over ASAP and pick up your copy!
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