1. How long have you been listening to Set It Off?
I’ve been listening to Set It Off for about 4 years now.

2. Where did you discover Set It Off?
I discovered Set It Off on a random playlist of similar songs I’d like on Spotify. The song was Why Worry. 

3. How has Set It Off affected your life?
Set It Off helped me get through some rough times the last few years and just recently got me through my divorce. A lot of the songs from Elsewhere really hit home for me. Also, I’m a songwriter and Set It Off is a huge influence on some of my songs that I write.

4. What was the best Set It Off show you’ve ever been to & why?
Best show I’ve “been to” was the Midnight Tour Part 0: The Internet. I couldn’t make it to the show the last time they were in Virginia because of work.

5. If you could give Set It Off a message - what would it be?
You guys inspire me to be a better musician and a better person. As a local musician in my hometown, I meet a lot of other musicians that aren’t very pleasant people to be around. You guys are super down to earth and fun and probably the kindest musicians I know of. It is my dream to one day be as good as you guys and maybe even share the stage with you. You guys are the best.

6. What’s your favorite Set It Off song?
My favorite song is “Why Do I” because it’s the one that’s hit me the hardest lately.

7. Any requests/ideas/feedback on the fan club?
Maybe like a Facebook group or something specifically for the band members and the fan club members to get to know more people and share things about anything Set It Off related or not.