1. How long have you been listening to Set It Off?

    It must have been between end of 2014 and 2016 when I listened to their first song. If i remember correctly it was in late 2015 or early 2016. Upside down was not out yet because I remember that some time passed between listening to Why Worry and injecting the whole of Upside Down into my blood.

    2. Where did you discover Set It Off?

      A friend sent me a link to the music video of Why Worry and that was the first Set it off song i ever listened to and it instantly clicked with me. I also remember why she sent me the video. I was totally into Fall Out Boy – that much that they were the band that got me into listening to music constantly and making concerts and all about it part of my personality – in fact Fall Out Boy were my first ever live show – So maybe Fall Out Boy & Set it off collab at some point in time, pretty please?! :D

      3. How has Set It Off affected your life?

        I can without much hesitation say that Set It Off are my favorite band and have helped conquer A LOT of struggles in the past years. Whenever I feel bad I know Set it off will cheer me up and no matter what happens listening to set it off will be a relief of my thoughts and stress. I mean – why worry?! Have you looked at the lyrics?! „When worry's never helping tell me why, why worry at all?“ Young Tobi needed to hear these words too many times in his life but they have gone a long way in helping me not stress about life. I remember while in studying in university in a different city and struggling with getting my drivers license I listended to Upside down soo many times?! I could go on for quite a while – also analyzing lyrics of the songs but well we have got a couple of more questions coming up so I will say that during the Midnight era seeing them live has meant the world to me and all the hype and making up theories around whats coming next also now with the Elsewhere era has been fun all the time and I cannot say enough how much fun it is following along and making up theories – and just living in a different world that is „Elsewhere“ when listening to Set it off.

        4. What was the best Set It Off show you’ve ever been to & why?

        I have only been able to see the band once so far and that was in Berlin in 2019. On the 27th of April to be exact. And i am not exaggerating in saying that this show was THE best concert I have ever been to. It started with the VIP experience, I remember telling my friend that I have never been so excited, happy but also so nervous at the same times. My hands were literally SHAKING. Like literally?! But it was sooo great finally seeing an hugging all of them!! I also handed them a little notebook with my thoughts and assosications i had to very many of their songs. Maybe they remember or actually do have the thing somehwere flying around?! :D But it was so much fun – my hand hurted after writing down all of my thougts to so many of their songs and explain in detail what these songs mean to me and which thoughts the lyrics have triggered. And then after the VIP and the general awesome experience ( i miss them… the hugs, the laughs and everything)… the actual concert was one of a kind. I remember watching some youtube videos of the band performing live and the energy was so different to what I have ever seen before. And the actual concert held up to this and exceeded everything I ever experienced before. I was so caught in the energy of the show I did not even film during the show – and i was busy screaming the lyrics and jumping my heart out. Best thing may have been during N.M.E when Cody grabbed my hand and we jumped „together“ hahah, all in all i can say a Set it off show is from another world and everyone needs to experience them. You know many bands say you should leave all problems out oft he venue, but with set it off? All your problems simply do not exist anymore. I cannot wait to see the band this year when they come back to Europe and the 6 tickets i have since 2019 are waiting to be used haha

        5. If you could give Set It Off a message - what would it be?

        I am so grateful for every second Set it off is part of my life and I just want Cody, Zach and Maxx to know that they inspire so many people in what they do and how they do it. The energy, fun and just general good vibes they bring into everybody's lifes. is incomparable and as you know your fanbase will always be having your back in the good and in the bad times - just like you got our backs no matter where we are and in which situation we are.

        6. What’s your favorite Set It Off song?

        That is SOO hard!!! I cannot choose only one song?! The entire discography is just that good?! There is always one song that fits into any situation or feeling. But I will have to choose huh? I'll say Hourglass. As this isn't an obvious choice - I think? But this song just reminds me to value each moment and not overthink it too much. Time is passing and we can only control so much, that we should more focus on how we are going to continue the story which is our life. (funfact I am going to get the hourglass symbol as a tattoo when I get the chance!)

        7. Any requests/ideas/feedback on the fan club?

        I am looking forward to get more insights on processes in the back, songwriting and how they make the songs work. Playing around with drum and rhythms and stuff. What is the magic on getting everything together? And also insights on like tour life and stuff. And continuing on past eras I would also be interested in the meaning of the songs to the band - perhaps even on the demos that we get to listen to (and why they didn't make the cut on their album) I love everything we got so far, especially the behind the scenes of the music video shoot was so nice to see. I wish I had more time in participating in the forum but I do appreciate the option and am trying to be active every now and then 😊

        Much love and thanks again.
        Best regards from Germany,